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Does it cost anything to enroll?

It does not cost anything upfront to enroll. The site does deduct a 10% surcharge fee from funds collected in order to cover merchant costs and site maintenance.

Is the donation refundable?

All donations are nonrefundable. Donor should have no expectation of refunds. However, if the couple doesn’t purchase a home within a year, funds, based on Donor’s selection, will be either: a. returned to the Donor, b. forwarded to the Bride, c. forwarded to the Groom. Refunds shall be the amount donated minus a 10% surcharge.

What happens to the money when it is donated?

Collected funds are held in escrow to be used for the sole purpose of purchasing a home. At the time the home is purchased, total funds collected minus a 10% surcharge will be released for closing.

Who is MyBridalHome?

MyBridalHome is a website owned and managed by The Smart Way Financial LLC (TSWF). MyBridalHome is NOT a lender and does NOT guarantee loan approval. MyBridalHome is a website platform designed to help newly married or soon to be married couples come up with down payment money needed help them buy a home. MyBridalHome provides an online registry platform for family and friends to donate to the couple. Our platform also provides the Lender with the necessary donation documentation needed for loan approval.

Who can register to receive donations?

Our registry is designed for couples who intend on getting married or have recently married within the last year. It is assumed that the couple has the appropriate citizenship status necessary for loan approval.

Who can donate?

Anyone can make a donation to the couple regardless of relationship or affiliation with one exception. The donor may NOT be the Owner or Seller of the property that the couple is purchasing. If you are the Seller you should talk to the couple’s Realtor AND Loan Officer to see if there are other appropriate ways to contribute to the transaction.

How much of a home can I buy and what will my payment be?

There are many loan programs and several factors that go into a mortgage payment. Please take time to visit our sponsored Lender site where you will find mortgage calculators. Also, it is important to speak with a licensed/registered mortgage professional who can appropriately answer your financing questions.

How can I contact MyBridalHome.Com?


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phone: 801-784-8793


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