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How it works

MyBridalHome is a website platform designed to help newly married or soon to be married couples come up with down payment money needed buy a home.


Typically, donations or “gift funds” used for down payment must come from a family member. However, there’s an exception to the rule that allows a newlywed or soon to be wed couple to receive donations through a Bridal Registry.


Collected funds are held in escrow to be used for the sole purpose of purchasing a home. At the time the home is purchased, total funds collected minus a 10% surcharge will be released for closing.


If the couple does not purchase a home within a year, funds, based on Donor’s selection, will be either: a. returned to the Donor, b. forwarded to the Bride, c. forwarded to the Groom. Refunds shall be the amount donated minus a 10% surcharge.


MyBridalHome provides an online registry platform for family and friends to donate to the couple. Our platform also provides the Lender with the necessary donation documentation needed for loan approval.


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